W Two Worlds - Episode 5 Recap

W Episode 5 recap! We loved this episode!

This episode was amazing, but the end left me more confused than anything. 

And by the way, this scene above was the most hilarious scene in this episode. I love that despite all the seriousness involved in opening Pandora's box, Yeon Joo's "idiotic charm", is balancing the mood.

Check out the recap below!

Kang Chul finds himself in the real world and is slowly taking it all in. He seems to be acting calm, cool, and collected for someone who just leaped into another dimension, unlike someone we know. (haha, but we love Yeon Joo the way she is). 

As he walks down the street, he sees a familiar face plastered across a parked bus on the opposite side. A pained look takes over his face when the face is revealed to be his.

He then visits a book store in hopes of finding more evidence (or lack thereof, because who would want to believe his whole life was a sham?) of his fictitious nature and the world he knows as home.  

And alas, in the comic book section, he sees himself everywhere. He realizes he is nothing but a construct of the mind of another person (a real human being). Kang Chul frantically begins unwrapping comic book by comic book and spends the next few hours reading not only about the life he already knows, but also about the other side of the story, other people's (or character's) thoughts and situations he could not possibly have seen or known in his own world. 

Meanwhile, in Yeon Joo's hospital, she's still reading the webtoon, unable to continue living normally because of the events that just occurred. 

Yeon Joo's life "events" mainly included Kang Chul's kisses and heart-fluttering words ("If I hear [I love you] one more time, I might get swayed"), because those are the only thoughts circling her mind right now. *wink

A phone call from Park Soo Bong snaps her out of her reverie. Soo Bong tells her that he had called someone to fix their computers (that broke as Kang Chul was escaping his own world), but apparently there's nothing wrong. Their conversation ends with Soo Bong telling Yeon Joo that he left her dad's house in the meantime because he's too horrified by everything that's happening to be in there alone.

Yeon Joo downheartedly (from worrying about Kang Chul) prepares for surgery, but is interrupted by a confused Seok Beom who asks her if she had gotten engaged without anyone knowing. He says that there's someone calling himself her fiance who wants to see her. Yeon Joo quickly dismisses his irrational claims, telling him how could she possibly be engaged without dating anyone first.

Immediately after Seok Beom leaves, she comes to a halting realization. Could it be Kang Chul? It couldn't be..

Yeon Joo hurriedly leaves the operating room, only to find Seok Beom informing the mystery man that he is looking for the wrong person.

As Yeon-Joo calls out her friend's name, both heads turn toward her..

The mystery man/"fiance" is none other than Kang Chul. It is quite evident in Kang Chul's expressions that he is happy to see her.

Yeon Joo, on the other hand, cannot believe what just came into view. Passing the being-utterly-confused-baton, are we?

He brings her outside to talk. Still lost for words, a baffled Yeon Joo lets Mr. Cool and Composed begin the conversation. Kang Chul tells her that he wondered what had happened to her after the jailbreak, but he now feels relieved after seeing her looking great.

Yeon Joo, the current bearer of the aforementioned baton, asks if she got dragged into Kang Chul's world again, but quickly corrects her assumption because she's certain she's in her hospital. Seok Beom is even there.

Kang Chul starts explaining in order to help her make sense of the things going on. He tells her that he escaped his world and came to hers because in his world, everything froze: time stood still and everyone became motionless. Although, he still hasn't grasped why he's the only one still alive. He continues by telling her he now understands how Yeon Joo knew him so well, after reading the W comic books himself. 

The warm feelings brought about by the reunion is overcome by an air of melancholy as he says, "Do you know how much I'm regretting now?" He tells her he should have listened to her advice back then and now understands why she fought so hard to keep the truth from him.

A phone call from the nurse breaks the Yeon Joo-Kang Chul interim world, the (third) world where only the two of them exist and understand each other, the world where their own separate worlds seem insignificant, and brings Yeon Joo back to her own real world. (tell me to write word one more time, haha)

Yeon Joo tries to leave straightaway, but not before telling Kang Chul to wait for her until she finishes her surgery. She also tells him she understands how lost he must feel in his current situtation: having no money, place to stay, or identity, so she pleads him to stay and wait for her.

Unfortunately, (fortunately) her attempt to leave is unsuccessful because Kang Chul grabs her just as she was about to walk away. And without further ado, he kisses her.

Their already-too-long-a-patient-needs-surgery conversation gets even longer as Kang Chul explains his impulsive act. According to him, despite all the terrible things happening and all the hard truths he's had to swallow, every cloud has a silver lining.

He says that whenever he's with Yeon Joo he always felt that he was at a disadvantage, with Yeon Joo knowing every thought that ran across his mind and every word that escaped his lips (even without her presence). However, now, Kang Chul has also read everything that was on Yeon Joo's mind. (haha, all those heart flutters)

Kang Chul doesn't heed Yeon Joo's request and instead goes on a hunt for his creator. (way to turn the mood somber) He then arrives at Oh Sung Mo's house and breaks in.

As he looks around, he realizes he is surrounded by the blueprints of his life and world as he knows it. He sees animated versions of himself everywhere, his friends, his home, even the development process of his entire existence, further proving that his world is merely a fabrication: a brilliantly concocted lie.

He approaches a wall filled with photographs of Oh Sung Mo and his family and stops dead in his tracks when he sees a familiar "not beautiful" face next to his "creator". 

Back in the hospital, Yeon Joo's surgery finishes and immediately after, Dr. Park Min Soo scolds her for allegedly using her father's background to her advantage. Apparently, he's crazily stressed out about W these days. He argues that the genre of W isn't supposed to be romance and the characters should focus on catching the murderer. Yeon Joo defends the comic (in a way also defending herself), by saying even a hero can fall in love and what "Yeon Joo" and Kang Chul have could be love (and not just a flirationship).

The conversation gets hilariously serious when Dr. Park mentions Yoon So Hee, Kang Chul's friend and secretary and says that Kang Chul would eventually end up with her. Yeon Joo continues defending Kang Chul and herself and due to the heat of the conversation, she accidentally blurts out, "Kang Chul likes me." Everybody in the surgery room is in a bewildered awe as they all turn to Yeon Joo. This causes Dr. Park to think she's an obssessive fan, telling her she has the mental age of her daughter (who is in high school).

Yeon Joo finally gets to escape the wrath of her professor, and swiftly runs to where she left Kang Chul. And just as she had feared, he left and is nowhere to be found.

Yeon Joo has no one to turn to except her dad. Desperate for help, she calls him, but is unable to reach him. As a result, she just texts him for the meantime.

Oh Sung Mo arrives to a seemingly empty house. He checks his phone and sees the several text messages, including one from Yeon Joo. 

He calls her daughter back, and the moment he presses the call button, a figure slowly comes into sight. He peers closer through the darkness and recognizes the eyes, nose, and lips: the bitter fruit of his creation, Kang Chul.

Yeon Joo receives a call from her dad and instantly answers. She hears no one on the other line and is about to end the call when she hears an eerie  voice that she knows all too well, a voice that made her heart skip a beat just moments ago, is now a voice laced with intractable animosity. Kang Chul's intense presence strangely makes everyone's hearts skip a beat (including ours!), no matter the situation.

The creature begins his long-awaited confrontation with his creator, a confrontation that is not lacking in the hostility department. Oh Sung Mo asks Kang Chul how he travelled to their world and Kang Chul antagonistically replies that he should know, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world (in whose world, haha). After all, he created Kang Chul.

Sung Mo slowly and carefully approaches Kang Chul and as he does, he catches sight of a blade cutter on his desk. In a flash, he attempts to strike Kang Chul with it. Frail Oh Sung Mo should have known better than to attack the agile and athletic Kang Chul who trained to combat surprise attacks for years and thus, always has his guard up. 

This attack pushes him over the edge and the calmly menacing Kang Chul has turned into a vengeful villain finally facing his lifelong torturer. 

He then points a gun at Sung Mo as he begins his monologue,

"Be grateful to your daughter. I'm going easy on you because of Yeon Joo. While you fought hard to kill me, your daughter tried to save me.

Meanwhile, Yeon Joo is still in the hospital with her phone to her ear, taking in every word of their conversation. Using the hospital telephone, she calls Soo Bong who is currently busying himself inside a computer shop (trying to not go crazy with everything that's happening, haha) and instructs him to quickly go to Sung Mo's house. Soo Bong panics and leaves at once.

Kang Chul notices that his "creator" is bleeding. He tells him that it's just right that he gets hurt and bleeds. It's fair this way, he says, unlike the time when he lay unconscious on the rooftop. (omo omo omo)

Both remember that particular memory. It occurred around the time when Yeon Joo first got transported into the world of the webtoon. However, before she does, her father gets dragged inside first. He was the one Kang Chul grabbed a hold of first through the portal, in a desperate attempt to survive. (so that was why he mysteriously disappeared)

Drowning in his own blood, Kang Chul begs Sung Mo to help him. Sung Mo stands stricken with disbelief, staring at what he had created. Instead of saving his life, Sung Mo fatally stabs Kang Chul, in fear of getting murdered by his own creation.  Kang Chul fights back with the all the strength he has left. This leads to Sung Mo getting stabbed himself. Sung Mo screams in agony, but quickly retracts his cry when he notices that he isn't bleeding at all, nor is he in pain. He is invincible in Kang Chul's world. Kang Chul sees this and is left lying with a perplexed expression across his face. (so that's how he knew Yeon Joo was invincible coool)

Back in the house, Kang Chul continues his fulminations against Sung Mo and his morality, 

"You must have created me here. With a pen in your hand, you thought how to kill me here. Now that you gained money, honour, and success, you don't need me. You created me and made me suffer. You became successful by making my life a roller coaster ride. I asked you for mercy but you were cold and cruel.

Kang Chul tells Sung Mo that he is extremely popular on the internet, wherein Kang Chul found out about his broken marriage. A flashback interrupts his monologue. 

Oh Sung Mo and his ex-wife are arguing over his drinking problem, while a little Yeon Joo cries in a corner, not far off from where her parents are standing, trying to block out her parents' shouting.

Kang Chul's speech continues,

"You felt like a loser all the time. You were old. That's why you created me. A man who is young, successful, wealthy, and popular. Someone who had a strong will. A man who is a complete opposite of you. You got depressed immediately. You're full of inferiority that's why you killed me.

Kang Chul's vexations are incessant. His relentless condemnations cause Sung Mo to retort in anger, "You're only a cartoon character. You're just something I created!!" Sung Mo has had enough of Kang Chul's protests and tells him to just shoot the gun.

Yeon Joo hears all of this in the cab en route to her dad's house. She lets out a gasp as she listens to her father make a death wish.

Kang Chul ignores Sung Mo's death request and gives him an order instead: to draw the ending he originally planned. Kang Chul wants everything to go back to normal, to find the true criminal and get his happy ending. Plus, his friends are still frozen and miserable (although they don't know it) in his webtoon world. Unfortunately, according to Sung Mo, everything can't go back to normal because the true criminal doesn't exist. Everything was a set-up to make the protagonist, Kang Chul, stronger, to make him a hero. Kang Chul is painfully angered at the words coming out of Sung Mo's mouth. Sung Mo does not see Kang Chul as a human, and yet Kang Chul feels every sorrow, every emotion, as deeply as a human would. 

Kang Chul gives Sung Mo an ultimatum: figure out a solution before he returns. (or else) However, a confident Sung Mo tests his patience by saying that Kang Chul couldn't shoot him. It's in his nature, in his fictitious nature that Sung Mo had originally conceived. 

At long last, Kang Chul's patience is exhausted. He suddenly loses his temper, turns around, and without hesitation, shoots Sung Mo.

Phew! That was long. I'm so sorry if that was too long. (haha)