Han Hyo Joo's Acting in "W" Causes Stir

Han Hyo Joo's acting is currently a hot topic in the Korean drama world.

Han Hyo Joo's acting in the trending drama, W–Two Worlds, is the talk of the town! The drama has been garnering immense popularity and overall positive reviews, lately. However, many viewers argue that Han Hyo Joo's acting is "unnatural". Some even call her the "only mistake" in the drama.

There were comments such as,  

"Her over-the-top reactions make it impossible to focus", 

"Honestly, I've never thought she was a bad actress before, but you gotta admit her acting is awkward here... Especially when she's surprised, it looks like a sitcom. The story is so amazing, but Han Hyo Joo needs to do something about her acting", 

"She's not terrible, but she does overreact, and she just doesn't fit the character"

Despite this, there are still plenty of netizens who fully approve of her acting, claiming that the "W" actress is simply delivering the right reactions of a person constantly finding herself inside a webtoon.

Which side are you on?

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